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I can hardly believe how beautiful my kitchen looks!… without your suggestions and recommendations I definitely wouldn’t have overcome the [resistance] energy necessary to start any of these projects.

B. Hoyle
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H.G. giving a home consultation.


Feng Shui


My role in a design project, whether it is business or home design is to clarify and safeguard the true intentions of the client while working with the rest of the design team to manifest that vision into a powerful reality. As a designer, I draw upon my studies in architecture, interior design, and psychology.


Feng shui consultations, whether residential or commercial, are the root of my practice. A normal consultation lasts 2 –3 hours and involves reviewing your answers to a questionnaire, discussing your primary vision, concerns and aspirations, providing a verbal feng shui diagnosis and a series of feng shui suggestions.

The clients who have been most successful view this consultation as an initial step in their commitment to a greater journey and will often work with me on a periodic basis thereafter to preserve the momentum.

Includes: Evaluation of intentions, Diagnosis of interior and exterior, Suggestions relating to furniture placement, floor plan, color selection, finishes, materials, and exterior landscaping.


An important part of my professional practice is educating people on various topics relating to feng shui. Since feng shui touches all aspects of our lives, the topics are endless, from garden design to sales marketing workshops. I enjoy providing lectures, workshops and presentations. Occasionally, I will provide a Professional Training Program.

Topics have included:

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