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Feng Shui Questionnaire (Residential)

Feb 6

Please find below the questionnaire I ask my clients to fill out prior to our visit. The answers always remain confidential. I ask clients to answer only the questions that feel worthwhile and appropriate.

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November Newsletter

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Nov 23

Can Feng Shui Really Balance your Life?

This past year has been the most humbling and difficult year of my life. I have never felt more overwhelmed, or discouraged. I threw so many balls (commitments, projects and proposals) into the air that I was ultimately unable to keep up. As they all started to crash, so did my self-confidence and energy.

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How to Feng Shui your Entrance

Over the past five years public interest in feng shui has grown exponentially. While many of us are familiar with the term, many of us are still unclear about what feng shui is and how it can be applied to the design of our homes and the development of communities.

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Psychology and Feng Shui In Romantic Relationships

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Creativity and Children

When I told my wife, Cecilia, that I would be writing about each area of the ba-gua, she asked that I start with children. Interestingly this area of the ba-gua relates to both children and creativity. As children, life is an expression of creativity, imagination and wonder filled with great moments of play. As we grow older, playtime meets worktime and the importance of earning money and managing an increasing number of responsibilities factor into our schedule . Generally by our thirties the idea of playtime seems either irresponsible or impossible with one’s schedule.

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Nine Tips for Easy Clutter Clearing

by Ginni Stiles

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Feng Shui and Spirituality

Last month I attended a Masters Series lecture by Huston Smith, beloved expert and author on world religions, at Pacifica Graduate Institute, in Santa Barbara. His Friday evening talk was entitled, The Re-enchantment of the World.

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Feng Shui & Real Estate, a perfect match

For the past two years I have become more and more involved in the real estate community, teaching as the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission’s first approved feng shui instructor, and working with many realtors in Manhattan and Greater Philadelphia to help people find the best home according to feng shui standards. The results were so positive, for both buyers and sellers that I decided to get my real estate license and expand my services so that I can personally help my clients with my feng shui expertise. Here are some reasons why I think feng shui and real estate are the perfect match.

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Mar 2 [3]

Happy New Year!

Did the New Year pass too quickly for you? Don’t worry! According to the Asian calendar you still have time focus your energy for an extraordinary year. For many of us the New Year comes and goes amidst a whirlwind of post holiday craziness. Luckily, according to Asian philosophy, the transition to a new year takes longer than one day and follows the lunar cycle. For 2005, the new year will completely come into effect on February 10th. For Westerners, this concept of the Asian new year, allows for a month of introspection and true goal setting. Read More →

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